Get More Web Presence

Marketing as we knew it has changed forever, and creative new ways to engage customers continue to evolve every day! Never before has there been more information literally available at one’s fingertips and helping smart businesses leverage the power and reach of a multi-channel marketing strategy is my passion!I can help you navigate the web and get more out of your internet presence

My name is Connie Dahl. Acting as a company advocate, I help sole proprietors, small and medium size businesses without full time, in-house resources to benefit from my 18 years of expertise as a recognized leader in marketing and eBusiness. We create and execute multi-channel campaigns by integrating traditional media with internet marketing to increase the reach and effectiveness of every marketing dollar.  I am currently accepting short and long term marketing consulting engagements.

Whether you need help understanding how the web can help market your business, need a new or updated website, help with achieving more site visits, help with email or email campaign management, search engine optimization (SEO), website analytics, promotional ideas, or just someone to brainstorm with, drop me a line and we’ll create a solution to your problem!